Systems Integrity Bulletin

November 2001

IT Enterprise Systems and Services

Systems Integrity Group 

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Software Testing

Software Development Process

Article: Grace Under Pressure

Article: Project Failures Spur Management Back to Basics

Resource: Risk Analysis and Management

Whitepaper: Team Model for Application Development

Software Testing & Quality

Article: How to Report Bugs Effectively

Article: List of Different Types Of Tests

Article: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Testing Organizations

Shared Content


Article: TCP/IP Architecture and Operation

Site: Earth Station 9

Career Development/Miscellaneous

Site: ePraise

Article: Tom Peters's True Confessions

Useful Utilities

Command Prompt Bar (Free -- Windows 2000 -- 1.34MB)

Dave's Quick Search Toolbar (Free -- Windows 2000 and IE 5.0+ -- 70kB)

Productivity Tips

Move toolbar buttons in MS Office applications the easy way

Display the UNC path for mapped drives at Windows NT or 2000 Command Prompt

Easy way to repeat an action in MS Word

Just For Fun

Online Lite-Brite