Systems Integrity Bulletin

June 2001

IT Enterprise Systems and Services

Systems Integrity Group 

Quotable Quotes 


Software Testing 

Software Development Process

Editorial: To Err Is Human, to Admit It Is an Act of Bravery

Article: Gathering Business Requirements

Article: How Postmortems Prevent Projects from Hell

Article: A Framework for Identifying Software Project Risks

Software Testing & Quality

Article: Better Testing, Worse Quality?

Article: The rebirth of quality assurance

Article: What’s So Great About Inspections?!?

Shared Content 


Tutorial: Memory Management

Articles: Advice on effective meeting planning and execution

Career Development/Miscellaneous

Editorial: Be in the world, find a mentor, and above all, communicate

Telecommunications Industry

Commentary: An issue of access, not bandwidth

Article: Hollywood lights

Article: Telephony Magazine Interview with Howard Janzen

Useful Utilities

Floppy Image (Free -- Windows 9x/NT/2000 -- 67kB)

PowerMenu (Free -- Windows 9x/NT/2000 -- 47kB)

Productivity Tips

Quickly link sequential tasks in MS Project

View all formulas in an MS Excel spreadsheet

Use wildcards in MS Word Search and Replace

Just For Fun

Fun: Turn Off The Internet

Interesting/Fun: Cliché Finder