Systems Integrity Bulletin

July 2001

IT Enterprise Systems and Services

Systems Integrity Group 

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Software Testing 

Software Development Process

Article: Business Rules Rule

Article: Don't try this at home: Seven rules to guarantee project failure

Article: Don't Be A Creep

Editorial: A checklist won't cover it

Software Testing & Quality

Article: Calculating the Value of Testing

Article: Maintaining the Quality of Black-Box Testing

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Article: Create Effective SQL for Reports

Tutorial: Fiber And Optical Networking

Tutorial: The ABCs of Java

Career Development/Miscellaneous

Article: Is your job making you negative?

Site: Online version of Netiquette

Telecommunications Industry

Article: Tech futurist talks stocks

Article: Lucent calculates upper limits of optical fiber

Article: Ciena reaches 3.2Tbps over existing optical fiber

Useful Utilities

X-Find (Free -- Windows 9x/NT/2000 -- 181kB)

Productivity Tips

Add a "Desktop as Shortcut" option to the "Send To" menu

  1. Open Windows Explorer to the "Send To" folder: C:\Windows\SendTo in Windows 9x or C:\WinNT\Profiles\username\SendTo (where username is your network ID) in Windows NT/2000.
  2. Right-click on the "Contents" portion of the Explorer window and choose New à Text Document from the context menu.
  3. Change the name of the new "document" to Desktop as Shortcut.desklink. Select Yes when warned about changing the file extension.

Selectively use MS Word as Outlook editor

Sort MS Outlook Inbox on multiple columns with the mouse

Just For Fun

Interesting: Tech words redefine Oxford dictionary

Interesting: Capture the Moment: Pulitzer Prize Photographs