Systems Integrity Bulletin

January 2001

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Software Testing 

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Software Development Process

Article: An Early Start to Testing: How to Test Requirements

Article: Developing an effective IT project proposal

Article: Revising the rules of project management to match Internet time

Article: Principles and Patterns

Software Testing & Quality

Presentation: Risk-Based Testing

This talk presents a summary of what risk-based testing is about. It introduces risk as the new language of testing and discusses the four big questions of testing: How much testing is enough? When should we stop testing? When is the product good enough? How good is our testing? Metrics (or at least counting bugs) doesn't give us the answer. The risk-based approach to testing can perhaps help us answer these questions, but it demands that we look at testing from a different point of view. A polemic.

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Article: Plan Your Testing

Shared Content 


Reference: FOLDOC (Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing)

Reference: Relational Databases

We use them everyday, but when it gets down to brass tacks, it's sometimes hard to come up with a consistent, yet simple definition of what a relational database actually is. This article gives a nice, non-technical explanation.

Reference: vi Editor "Cheat Sheets"

Career Development/Miscellaneous

Article: EBITDA

Service: (free)

Telecommunications Industry

Article: The Realities Of Free-Bandwidth Networks

Article: The all-optical network remains a long way from the real world

Article: AT&T Lights Up High-Speed IP Backbone

Article: I Want My Next-Generation Internet!

Useful Utilities

OpenExpert (Free – Windows 9x/NT – 537kB)

Toolbar (Free – Windows 9x/NT – 403kB)

Productivity Tips

Use Web toolbar in MS Word and Excel to improve efficiency

Fix problems with MS Outlook yourself

This launches Outlook in the most basic mode possible. If it launches in the list mode, but not normally, then one of your customizations (Views, etc.) may be causing problems.

Quickly select an entire table in MS Word

Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out in MS Word and Excel

In MS Word and Excel, you can zoom in or out quickly by holding down the <Ctrl> key and using the mouse scroll wheel: forward to zoom in and back to zoom out. In Word, the default zoom amount is 10% and in Excel it is 15%. 

Create an MS Word toolbar for frequently used fonts

  1. Select View | Toolbars à Customize… from the main Word menu.
  2. In the Customize window, choose the Toolbars tab and press New…
  3. Enter the desired name for the new toolbar (e.g., "Quick Fonts") and choose the document template. Press OK.
  4. Select the Commands tab in Customize dialog and choose Fonts from the Categories list.
  5. In the Commands list, choose the desired font names from the list and drag them to the new toolbar.
  6. Press Close to save your new toolbar.

Extend the life of the Internet Explorer Links toolbar

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Select Favorites | Organize Favorites… from the main menu.
  3. In the Organize Favorites window, click on the Links folder to open it.
  4. Press Create Folder to add a new folder to the Links folder/menu. Enter the desired name for the new folder and press <Enter>.
  5. Drag the desired favorites onto the new folder name to move them into that folder.
  6. Press Close when you are finished.

Just For Fun

Humor: Life Before the Computer

Now for some totally non-digital humor, this little "poem" waxes nostalgic for those days before the computer was the center of attention. 

Motivation: Positive Quote of the Day

Tidbit: What was the most popular search engine query term for 2000?