Systems Integrity Bulletin

February 2001

IT Enterprise Applications

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Software Testing

Software Development Process

Article: Docs in the Real World

Recommended by Tim Myers

Site: Business Process Management Initiative

Found by Larry Winters

Articles: The Case for a New Business Model

Article: The Seven Habits of Highly-Efficient Developers

Article: Testing 1-2-3

Software Testing & Quality

Article: A Roadmap for Software Test Engineering

Article: Testers and Developers Think Differently

Recommended by Tim Cotton

Article: A Day In The Life Of A Tester…

Recommended by Ericka Willis

Resource: Wilson's Tutorial on Rational Test Studio

Recommended by Randy Henry


Shared Content 


Site: North American Numbering Plan Administration

Tutorial: Understanding Explain Plans

Tutorial: TCP and UDP

Career Development/Miscellaneous

Editorial: The Futility of Resistance (to Change)

Article: Williams prepares for unit spinoff

Telecommunications Industry

Article: Corvis reaches optical industry milestone

In what Corvis believes is a milestone for the optical industry, the fiber-optic equipment maker Tuesday said it has transmitted network traffic coast-to-coast without the need for boosting the signal along the way. The successful test, completed with customer Williams Communications, is a key link in the company's strategy to extend optical-based systems so a network operator does not have to add expensive traffic regeneration equipment and other expensive technologies that make up an optical network. 

Article: How the Telecom Act created a new breed of speed

Article: Remaking the Telecommunications Act

Useful Utilities

CacheMaster (Free – Windows 9x only – 770kB)

Everyone wants to squeeze as much performance out of his or her system as possible. Unfortunately, Windows 95 does not have optimal defaults for disk caching, since it was released in 1995 when 8MB of memory was "a lot". CacheMaster simplifies the task of optimizing the arcane disk cache parameters using built-in "profiles". (I recommend the "Power User" profile.) It's a "set it and forget it" application, so it doesn't run in the background and use system resources. (In fact, if you're satisfied with the system performance after running it, it can be uninstalled.)

Microsoft Word Toolbar for Open Documents (Free [home-grown] -- Windows 9x/NT with Word 97 -- 52 kB)

  1. Open the DocToolbar.doc file (link below). Be sure to press the "Enable Macros" button when prompted.
  2. Double-click on the macro button in the document. This will copy the macros to your Normal document template (typically, NORMAL.DOT) and add the toolbar named DocToolbar.
  3. Close Word and restart. (It is not necessary to keep DocToolbar.doc.)

Free PDF (Free – Windows 9x/NT – 776kB*)

Productivity Tips

Quickly select large sections of data in MS Excel

  1. Select View | Toolbars ŕ Customize… from the Excel main menu.
  2. In the Customize window, choose the Commands tab.
  3. On the Commands tab, select Edit from the Categories list and scroll to the bottom of the Commands list.
  4. Drag the "Select Current Region" item from the Commands list to the desired toolbar.
  5. Press Close.

Create a shortcut to floppy disk formatting dialog

Execute multiple commands simultaneously from the Windows NT Command Prompt

Speeding change directory operations at Windows NT Command Prompt

Just For Fun

Fun: ACME License Maker

Interesting: GlobeXplorer

Weird(?): Gallery of Obscure Patents