Systems Integrity Bulletin

December 2001

IT Enterprise Systems and Services

Systems Integrity Group 

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Software Testing

Software Development Process

Article: Gaining a Competitive Edge in a Recession - Secrets to Working with a Smaller Team

Article: How Fast is Fast? Using Non-functional Requirements to Test Software Quality

Editorial: Is it time to abolish IT?

Article: The analysis phase: Understanding what the customer wants

Article: How To Fail Your Next IT Project

Software Testing & Quality

Article: 10 Rules for Software Test

Article: Tips for generating meaningful test data

Article: System testing to validate documentation, training, and usability

Shared Content


Articles: O'Reilly Series on Database Joins

Reference: MS Word Function Keys

Site: Find Tutorials

Tutorial: How Fiber Optics Work

Career Development/Miscellaneous

Article: Intel's accidental revolution

Telecommunications Industry

Article: Turning on the World Wide Web

Article: Broadband lesson: Power's in the plumbing

Useful Utilities

Textractor (Free -- Windows NT/2000 -- ???kB)

CloseIEx (Free -- Windows 9x/NT/2000 -- 1.45MB)

Productivity Tips

Quickly add sheets to an MS Excel workbook

Print a reference list of MS Word's keyboard shortcuts

Keep document draft history with the MS Word's Versions feature